Birmingham, AL

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Legion Field has been the site of many football games since its opening in 1926. Originally built at a cost of $439,000, Legion Field had a seating capacity of 21,000 when it opened. The inaugural first game at the stadium occurred on November 19, 1927 when Howard battled Birmingham Southern. The stadium was named after the American Legion, in memory of the men who gave their lives to this country in battle.

Over the past nine decades, Legion Field has undergone many expansion projects along with hosting a variety of football teams. In 1991, the University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazers began playing at Legion Field. Also during the early 1990s the upper deck on the west side was constructed. A new press box and luxury suites were built giving Legion Field its current capacity of 71,000. The stadium is famous for hosting the 1996 Summer Olympic soccer matches. From 1948 until 1988 Legion Field was the home of the annual Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. Both teams also played several home games at the stadium up until the early 2000s. The Blazers continue to play at the stadium but struggle to attract enough fans to fill half of Legion Field’s capacity. There has been talk of possibly replacing the stadium with a smaller one for the team.